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- ANTz related websites -

SynGlyphX - Commercial ANTz tools and service

Mindtel - Synergy Strike Force

Jeff Sale - ANTz gallery with sample data

- ANTz Videos -

Antzers - Tutorials and examples

Jeff Sale - Aviation, Weather, Fukishima

ICCM 2012 - Crisis Mapping

- Development Resources -

zSpace desktop VR supported by ANTz-VR

OpenGraphiti - free open source 3D dataviz

miniTweezers - optical trap microscope machine control

Violin Memory - AV compliant SSA (Flash Storage)

AJA - reliable video IO

Blackmagicdesign - affordable video IO

Matrox - maximum inputs video IO

intoPIX - ultra low latency JPEG2000 FPGA core

Khronos Group - OpenGL, OpenCL, COLLADA

- Reccomended Links -

Fusion Torch - Boron fusion pioneered by physicist Bill Gough

Ron Dexter - everything you need to know about cinematography - philosophy of Free Software vs Open Source

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