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ANTz core team is available to serve on projects where time counts.

Perhaps your trying to stem the tide of a pandemic or bring a war to an end. Or maybe you just want to test out some mixed reality and be ready for your next show. If you need to win a race against time and resources, we're here for you!

- What we Do -

Analytics and Deep Data Science to provide Insight Beyond the Horizon.

Software development for 3D Data Viz, Asset Management, Visual FX and XR.

Hardware solutions for Machine Control, Visual Processing and Storage.

Digital Video Engineering systems for encode, decode and large venue FX.

Our core strength is an inexplicable ability to solve seemingly impossible problems. From the Pentagon to the mountains of Jalabad, into the Paris Cybercaves and out onto the Black Rock Desert, we've deployed in places left only to the imagination.

- Open Source vs Confidential -

Naturally, most of our client's data is sensitive and is kept confidential. Yet, in the process of such services, we often build tools that become part of the ANTz-core (Community Edition). We also offer Enterprise tools with options for market exclusives and ANTz-oem white label.

- How to Meet -

We prefer to meet in person or when not feasible, talk over the phone. For certain situations, we can stream ANTz remotely with fullscreen user interaction and competitive (game worthy) video using custom secured servers.

Cybersecurity for Entertainment, Government, Logistics and Biotech.

- Secure Services -

Entertainment - Asset management for archives, dailies and post. Content delivery services via our in-house servers have been provided to Disney, Deluxe, Relativity, NBC and independent studios.

Government - Contracts requiring clearance are accepted, (open source when feasible).

Logistics - Solutions for critical security missions across space, cyber and ISR.

Medical Research - Patient data handled by our PhD researchers or an M.D. if required.

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